1971-1975    4 years fashion and costume design. Norwegian school of arts and crafts


1975-1976     Haute Couture at   Koefia , instituto d´alta moda Roma, Italia.



1971- 72 Decorator at Sundt warehouse  in Bergen.


1976-83     Designer for the fashionhouses Xandrine og Emanuel Zoo , Italia.


1983-    … freelance designer with own workshop


Participated in various fashionshow and competitions with excellent results.


Participated yearly untill 1994 at the fashionsweeks, both in Paris and Milan.


1994- 1999 Own studio in Norway at  Fossnes kunst og håndverksenter.


1999-   lives and works on Gran Canaria.


Øyvind Gundersen has been called the geometric designer because of his unic designs and forms that cover materials like clay and ceramics, lamps  and high fashion.

His speciality is the design of belts, handbags and capes in materials like wool, italian loden and leather.

He has also worked with theaterscenografi and costumes for various occations in Norway.


He has participated  in several exhibitions both in his years in Norway and during his time on Gran Canaria.